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Intermediate Adobe Illustrator Course

During this 2 day intermediate level Adobe Illustrator course you will learn how to use Illustrator's tools to create stunning illustrations and type effects. Building on our Introduction to Illustrator, you will learn how to work with colours, create printable documents, use gradients, layers, fonts, text effects, work with page and product design along with many other more advanced features.

Interemdiate Illustrator Course Content

  • Professional Drawing with Illustrator
  • Modifying Objects
  • Scaling and Resizing
  • Using Guides and Rulers
  • Working with Colours in Illustrator
  • Creating Layouts for Product Placement and Packaging
  • Text copy and Typography in Illustrator
  • Importing and working with Textures
  • Working with Opacity
  • Bring a Fluorescent Transparency to Life
  • Working with Clipping Masks
  • Working with 3D Elements
  • Outputting your Artwork
  • Save for Web & Devices

This workshop is suitable for existing Illustrator users who wish to improve their workflow and learn how to take advantage of more of the applications powerful features. We also offer an introductory course for those who are completely new to Illustrator and an advanced course for expert level users.