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Introduction to Adobe Illustrator Course

Our beginners Adobe Illustrator course provides effective training in the use of Illustrator's tools to create stunning illustrations and type effects. From our London studios you will learn to design logos and printable documents, work with colours, gradients, layers, fonts, and photos to create eye-catching illustrations and text effects. We also provide beginners one-to-one training in Adobe Illustrator. Browse the work created with Illustrator on the Behance website for an overview of what can be achieved with this powerful vector drawing software.

Illustrator Course Content

  • Core Illustrator Concepts
  • The Interface
  • Creating basic Documents
  • Drawing in Illustrator
  • Modifying Objects
  • Working with Colours in Illustrator
  • Text copy in Illustrator
  • Outputting your Artwork
  • Save for Web & Devices

This course is suitable for anyone with basic PC or Mac skills who wishes to learn Illustrator from scratch or wants to improve their existing knowledge of the program. We also offer intermediate and advanced Adobe Illustrator courses.  Download a free 7 day Illustrator trial from the Adobe website.