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Ching Fun Tso

Ching Fun Tso is a contemporary abstract painter living and working in London. British born and of Chinese-Vietnamese origin, Ching spent her formative years in Hong Kong before returning to the United Kingdom. Graduating from Camberwell School of Art in London with a BA Honours degree in Graphic arts, specialising in Illustration, Ching subsequently worked as a freelance Illustrator for various editorial publications across the United Kingdom.

Over the years since graduating, Ching felt increasingly attracted to the freedom with which Fine Art/Painting offered and as such produced paintings, exhibiting her work in various galleries whilst also collaborating with art consultants, displaying her work in several corporate and residential settings across the United Kingdom and overseas.

Ching endeavours to create a fusion between observation and intuitive exploration in both her paintings and drawings through colour, composition, mark-making, etc to form her own personal visual language. Inspired by nature, real and imaginary subjects and spaces, the human form and much more, she hopes to forge an open dialogue and a shared experience between viewer and artist; experimenting with a range of mediums and surfaces to continually evolve her practice and to develop her work as she seeks unusual colour palettes and the exploration of visual imagery.

“My paintings are an attempt to convey my own personal experience of the world around me. The work is essentially about ‘seeing’ in the broadest sense of the word. In many ways, it is my own way of celebrating and communicating what I consider to be one aspect of life’s incredible transitory & sensory experiences.”

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For further information:

Instagram: @chingfuntso

Website: www.chingfuntso.com