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history of London Photography

Combine your passion for exploring historic London with learning about the techniques of architectural photography on this tutored tour around the city. You will learn about the DNA of a city you may think you know well already, and will come away with the confidence to use your camera to be a creative historian.

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Soho Street Photography

Infamy and entertainment combine in the network of alluring London back streets known as Soho. Journey through Soho with a knowledgable guide on this two hour tour and create your own memorable images whilst learning about the cultural, social and sometimes sordid history of this fascinating district.

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City of London Photography

The City of London was founded by the Romans almost 2000 years ago and is still the commercial heart of Britain. On this two hour tour you will learn how to effectively capture the city's most interesting and intriguing aspects whilst also discovering the architectural achievements that put London on the map.

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Bridges of London Photography

This London photography tour will introduce you to a variety of approaches with which to capture the River Thames' unique panoramas. With guidance from a professional photographer you will be able to create your own unique collection of London river scape photographs whilst learning about the city's intriguing history.

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