Platform 39 Gallery - Virginie Litzler: L'absente ou Presque
Westland Place Studios

Virginie Litzler: L'absente ou Presque

Virginie Litzler’s work focuses on the relationships between body and architecture where the photographic image redefines its own nature and pre-supposes an activation. The work challenges precisely its choreographic status, its balances displacement and its environment, where it is installed.

This exhibition will present one of the components that Virginie Litzler is working with: the photographic. Deliberately extracted from the whole work and from its semantics, the photographic is becoming an experimental representation beyond the image subject and the usual canons, allowing a phenomena to constitute itself while dialoguing with another form of body and architecture.

‘L’absente ou presque’ explores the reassurance of the visible and its capacity to create interpretation. Like a substance, the photographic could have various actualities because it lies in the permanent act of its elaboration.

“Rather than think about my work categorically as painting or sculpture, I think of them as more like ‘gerunds’, verbs that act as nouns. So that the work is an active thing, both the doing and the thing done.”

Mel Bochner, interviewed by Elayne Varian (1969).

Exhibition runs from 5th July - 28th July 2013

Private view: Thursday 4th July 2013, 6:00pm - 9:00pm.

Gallery viewing by appointment.