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Soho Street Photography

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Journey through London's Soho on this enthralling two hour guided photographic tour.

Infamy and entertainment combine in this network of alluring London back streets. Soho has been a destination for cultural diversity, hedonistic pleasures and extravagant characters throughout a chequered history spanning over 300 years. The result is a layered scrapbook of past and present London life to be seen etched on every corner, in every cafe, and amongst the crowds that still flock there today.

Soho has been the backdrop for countless classic photographs because the place offers so much rich and atmospheric subject matter. This two hour tour draws on this tradition encouraging you to take your own expressive photos whilst learning about the cultural, social and sometimes sordid history of this fascinating district.

The session is led by an experienced tour guide and photographer knowledgable in the history of this part of town as well as the techniques to allow you to shoot it well. The tour is a great introduction for anyone who doesn't know this part of London as well as those who want to experience Soho in a new light.

Equipment Needed

You will need a digital camera. You may also like to bring a notebook and pen.