Westland Place Studios

Introduction to HTML Course

This HTML course will provide you with an easy to follow, hands-on introduction to HTML and CSS, the basic coding languages which drive the internet. Participants will learn how to create an attractive and well-structured web page using basic HTML and CSS. This workshop is highly recommended for anyone wishing to learn how to create websites and also for people who already use applications such as Dreamweaver or WordPress and need more control over their web output. Also available as one-to-one tuition.

HTML Course Content

  • What are HTML and CSS and how do they work together?
  • Basic elements and how to create hyperlinks
  • Working with images
  • Using DIVs, forms and lists
  • Page structure
  • Using Cascading Style Sheets to control the layout and look of HTML elements
  • Using Developer Tools to preview CSS changes
  • How and when to use Inline CSS
  • Creating code that is both readable, compliant with HTML5 standards and good for SEO

This workshop is suitable for anyone with basic PC or Mac skills who wants to undertand how the web works. No previous knowledge or experience of HTML or CSS is necessary.