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Bridges of London Photography

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A river Thames photographic Tour. Enhance your camera skills to capture London from the vantage of the Thames on this workshop and tour led by a professional urban photographer.

The Thames is now an often overlooked artery running through the very heart of the city. For centuries this broad navigable river has been the inspiration for painters and then photographers. The expanse of sky, the quality of light, the unparalleled vistas of London's east and west districts seen from the River's bridges still inspire artists, film makers and photographers today. This half day tour will focus on the River's unique panoramas to introduce you to a variety of approaches with which to capture the essence of London. With tuition and guidance from a professional photographer you will gain the skills with which to create your own unique collection of London river scape photographs whilst learning about the city's intriguing history.

From London's historic Tower Bridge to the modern architectural wonder of the Millenium bridge and stunning views of the Houses of Parliament from Westminster bridge - this is an unmissable opportunity to experience the beauty of London through a lens.

Equipment Needed

You will need a digital camera. You may also like to bring a notebook and pen.