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Introduction to Adobe After Effects Course

Adobe After Effects is recognised as an essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects. Our introductory Adobe After Effects course is designed for those new to post-production techniques, and would like to get the most from this immensely powerful application. Whether you are a motion graphics designer, a web designer, rich media artist or broadcast video editor, this course covers all the techniques you need to successfully start using, or significantly improve your command over, Adobe After Effects.

After Effects Course Content

  • After Effects workspace
  • Creating Compositions
  • Working with Solid, Text and Null layers
  • Creating animations using keyframes
  • Understanding keyframe interpolation and velocity
  • Working with the graph editor to fine tune animations
  • Working with masks, mattes and track mattes
  • Incorporating video with Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Video layering with transfer and blending modes
  • Using Motion Tracker and 3D Camera Tracker
  • Applying and animating Effects
  • Using Colour Correction / Glows + Curves
  • Using filters for special effects
  • Rendering your final project

This course is suitable for anyone with basic PC or Mac skills. A computer workstation and software is provided. You may wish to bring along a notepad and pen to make notes.