Westland Place Studios

Tyler Mallison

Tyler Mallison is a London-based British-American multi-disciplinary artist. His practice explores tensions between external and internal forces, investigating themes of identity, mutability and navigation that reflect a certain Post-Internet sense of self characterised by desire, uncertainty and dissonance. There is a focus on process and meditative actions — collecting, arranging, transforming — that seek to incorporate the medium of time, body and movement.

A specific concern relates to the proverb ‘The clothes make the man’, employing the ready-made textile object as an analogue to address subjects of consumerism, curation and display strategies. This has led to deeper investigations into construction, representation and abstraction of form and image. Across the work there is a marked emphasis on materiality, digital mediation and the expanded field of painting.

He holds an MA from Central Saint Martins (UK) and a BA from Northwestern University (USA) and has exhibited in London and internationally; Recent residencies include Autocenter Contemporary Art Berlin.