Westland Place Studios

Heather Meyerratken

It is the found, discarded object which engages me most in the physical process of making my work. Recontextalizing these objects and using various mixed media such as installation, assemblages and screen printing, establishes new meaning and possibilities.

The series of screenprints I am currently working on, 'Mistaken Identity' relates to found imagery and the notion of obscured or lost identity. It is in this loss of identity that the images become familiar and relative to the viewer. Universally we come across stored boxes of photos within our families. Often we dont know the people in these photos and yet there is a knowledge that they are intrinsically part of our life story. I carefully select found imagery and reproduce it. From the classic wedding shot to classic cars there is always something most of us can identify with perhaps provoking memories of time and place. I completed my MA in VisualArts and Printmaking at Camberwell Art College,London in 2013 and it is here that I developed a unique method of printing on steel mesh. Printing on wire mesh encourages and enhances a loss of the image , a fragility aligned with faded memory, whilst allowing the subject matter to relate to anyone. There is also a nod to current technology, occurring surrendipitously during this printing in the form of 'pixellation' and is relative to how the ink remains partially suspended within the mesh.

I work between my studio in Shoreditch and Thames Barrier Print Studios, and have exhibited in Australia, Japan, New York and London and most recently won the Cork Street Gallery Printmakers Award in Mayfair London. I also participated in The Sensory Exhibition, Bonhams Art House, Bond Street London, sponsored by Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic.

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