Studio Tuck-tite - A Previous Polish Diaspora
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A Previous Polish Diaspora

A Previous Polish Diaspora: Polish gatherings in 50s London. Photographs from the Studio Tuck-Tite library archive.

The post war London based Polish diaspora is slipping towards the oblivion of being all but forgotten. Those references that survive are now to be freshly interpreted as fragmented clues for the contemporary evaluating eye. Looking into the faces of these posed portraits offers ripe opportunity for invention, speculation, creative story telling based on informed judgement or naive ignorance.

As social, cultural, historical, geographic and political meanings become lost the one common thread that links these images together is that they persist to be viewed by a single eye. These 35mm colour transparencies and black and white shots are the work of one semi professional photographer traveling in and around 50s London recording the significant moments in the lives of Polish immigrants. All these people looked towards the same lens when the images were captured.

The archive is presented as a series of rapid looped slide shows so that speculative meanings can be derived whilst returning a single glance.

Thursday 3rd April 2014, 6:00pm - 9:00pm.

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